Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New Halloween Hits Channel Adds Thrills & Chills to Yamaha's Piano Radio

Watch out! As of today, Yamaha's Piano Radio is officially haunted. Subscribers can now tune into the Halloween Hits channel for a healthy dose of holiday spirit - or spirits. Halloween Hits features tons of spine-chilling songs, including selections from our two most popular PianoSoft albums, Boo - Halloween Favorites and A Haunted Halloween.

With Halloween Hits playing on your keyboard or Disklavier, it's easy to turn any room into a haunted lair. Songs ranging from the genuinely frightening (Bach's "Tocatta & Fugure in D Minor") to the more light-heartedly scary ("The Monster Mash"), combined with eerie haunted house sound effects, make Halloween Hits the perfect way to create a ghastly ambiance for a Halloween party or spook up the house for trick-or-treaters.

If you're a CLP or MODUS user, Halloween Hits is your new channel 14.

If you've never tried Piano Radio before, now's the perfect time - once Halloween is over the holidays will be here in no time, and with them the Holiday Favorites channel. Of course, two free channels available right now - all you need to do is get your keyboard online and you can be enjoying streaming music within seconds. Subscribers get access to the Halloween Hits channel, more seasonal and holiday channels, and over a dozen other channels of piano music.

Follow this guide for help with connecting to the internet, or head here if you're ready to subscribe. For more information on Yamaha's Piano Radio, visit our Online Services site.

- Doug