Thursday, September 24, 2009

When You Need to Learn a Song Right Now: Yamaha's Performance Guides

The Music Finder feature on Yamaha's keyboards is perfect way to quickly and easily set up your keyboard to play a particular song. If you're ever wondering what sort of style, tempo, or voice to use to play a song, just look it up in Music Finder, and the Music Finder Record for that song will automatically choose the best settings and set you up to start playing instantly.

With Music Finder+ you can even download over a thousand more Records for free directly on to your instrument, through Internet Direct Connection.

Music Finder is great if you already know a song and just need suggestions for which styles and voices to use, but what if you don't already know how to play the song? Don't worry - Music Finder+ also includes Yamaha's Performance Guides.

Combined with Music Finder Records, Performance Guides give you everything you could ask for when learning to play a song. While the Records set up all of your sounds and styles, the Performance Guides give you the melody, chords and lyrics for each song, that you can playback on your keyboard and read from your keyboard's screen so you quickly learn to play and sing along, even if you've never played the song before.

And even if you don't use Music Finder, Performance Guides are a great tool to use if you need to quickly learn the basics of a song especially if you use styles to perform. The chord and melody arrangement used in the Performance Guides' notation gives style players the basics of the song without any unnecessary frills. Performance Guides even provide suggested voice and style variation changes as the song plays back!

And to top it all off, Performance Guides are super cheap! Only $1.95 a piece.

To try out Performance Guides, just create an account for Internet Direct Connection (if you haven't already) and log on! From the Internet Direct Connection homepage, select "Get Music", "Music Finder +" then "Performance Guides" and you're off.

- Doug