Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Play Online Music Games At the Yamaha Hub

The Yamaha Hub site is now offering four online music games! The games, which are called YamaMonsters, all feature cartoon monsters that in one way or another help test musical skills like note reading and rhythmic comprehension. YamaMonsters is designed to help out beginning musicians, but it's equally fun for anyone interested in brushing up some basic musical skills. Here's a rundown of the four games:

Yama Mambo, my personal favorite of the four games, features a monster who barks out a four beat pattern and offers three options for how to notate the rhythm. Choose the right one, and you earn the right to see him bust out some fresh moves.

Earmo gives you a famous melody, a staff and a few notes to work with, then asks you to fill in the missing notes. It's great for ear training and a fun way to learn about matching sounds to pitches and rhythms.

My Jamz is the most free form and creative of the games. Just pick an instrument and click on the monsters to play a note from the scale. You can even record your creation and play it back.

Krank & Lucy is a simple note reading game that works like a series of flash cards. You are given a note on a staff to identify and three possible choices to choose from.

The games can be found at the Yamaha Hub website - just mouse over the area just beneath the bottom right of the main panel to see the links. Enjoy!

- Doug


Anonymous said...

I can not get any of these new Yamaha games to open.


Doug said...

I can't get them to load either. It looks like the site is down right now. Try checking back later.

Sorry for the confusion.

- Doug

Anonymous said...

Doug... it hasn't worked at all. I've been trying it since the first day you posted (yesterday or the day before). Someone better tell someone.


Anonymous said...

Ok! It is working now!!

Jeff said...

Cool - I'm happy to see these getting some "love". Thanks for sharing them, Doug! - Jeff (Yamaha Hub admin)

Anonymous said...

Can I change my Yamaha so that when we play the keys, they have both soft and loud tones depending upon how hard we press on them???

LadyD said...

Love the new music games. My favorite is Yama Mambo. My piano students love these fun games, so colorful with alive music and educational. Thanks!

Kiara said...

My niece is planning to have her piano lesson. And I think this can be a good start for her. These are Download Games? I would love her to see these. She'll be happy, I know.

Anonymous said...

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