Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Yamaha PSR-S710 & S910 Keyboards to Offer Audio Recording & Playback

Back in July we reported on the unveiling of two new Yamaha keyboards, the PSR-S710 and PSR-S910, and now their release is nearly upon us.

While the new keyboards feature a bunch of great and improvements over previous models - such as the addition of Super Articulation voices, improved speakers, and a video output port for the new color LCD screen - the most exciting (to me at least) is definitely the ability to record and playback audio in MP3 and WAV format. All Yamaha keyboards up to this point, even the Tyros3, have recorded and played back music only in MIDI format, so this feature is a real breakthrough.

Here are just a few examples of the things you can do with the new audio capabilities:
  • Record your own songs

    • Any sound you can generate with the keyboard, you can record to WAV audio files on an attached USB flash drive.
    • Now you can record songs just as they sound on the keyboard, without the messy voice and sound problems you can have when recording and playing back MIDI files.

    More details ahead - keep reading...
  • Play along with songs from your own music library

    • Load up MP3s from your personal library and play them back while playing along on the PSR.
    • No need to try and control both your keyboard and stereo at the same time - you can run everything from the PSR.

  • Capture licks, riffs and beats for later use

    • Record an audio clip to your USB flash drive, then use it in compositions or productions on your computer.
    • Sample the great sounds from the PSR and use them anywhere.

  • Add vocals or other instruments to songs on keyboard

    • The PSR-S910 can record input from the "line in" jack as well sound from the keyboard itself, allowing you to add vocals, guitar or other instruments to the songs you play or record on the keyboard.
Both keyboards are scheduled to hit stores within the next month, so keep an eye out for them.

- Doug