Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Martin Harris in New Tyros3 Premium Style Videos & More Premium Style News

Good news for style enthusiasts!

Starting in October, you can expect to see new Premium Styles released on Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection every few weeks. Some of the styles will be brand new, and others will be made available in new formats. So, whether you're a Clavinova user that's been drooling over styles that previously were available only for Tyros3, or a Tyros3 player waiting for the perfect style to complete your library, you don't have too much longer to wait before the styles you want are within your grasp. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

If you just can't wait for a fix of Premium Styles, though, head over to where you can find four new videos featuring the Tyros3, Premium Styles and the masterful playing of Yamaha's own Martin Harris. (Click on Pop&Rock or Ballad in the upper right to see the videos.) Here's a clip of Martin tearing through a demonstration of the 60's Pop Beat - a style that's great for everything from Del Shannon's "Runaway" to Jackie Wilson's "Lonely Teardrops".

Keep reading for more videos and info on the featured styles.

80's Sister Pop - 80's popular music was heavily influenced by the introduction of the synthesizer. Set in the mid-80's this Style recreates the synthpop sound we
all remember - and love!

80's Pop
- The sound of popular Central European bands of the early 80's is
beautifully captured in this Style. Great for middle of the road 80's pop

60's Brit Pop - British rock and pop groups started a musical movement in the mid-1960's that spread throughout the English-speaking world. Here the distinctive rhythm and sound of Manchester in the late 60's is recreated.

- Doug


  1. Nice demo of the Tyos 3, but what about doing something for the other keyboards like the PSR-S900 etc..
    Stop concentrating on the Tyros 3 and remember that there are still alot of people using the other keyboards

  2. Hi Kevyk,

    Thanks for bringing this up. All of the styles we'll be releasing over the next few months will come in versions for the PSR-S900, CVP series Clavinovas and going all the way back to the PSR-3000, as well as the Tyros3. Since the styles are basically the same, Martin's demos on the Tyros3 ought to give you a good idea of how they'll sound, even if you use a different instrument.

    - Doug