Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Back to School With Your Yamaha - Brush Up Your Skills This Fall

Days start getting shorter, and the balmy August air takes on a certain chill - it's nature's way of telling us to hit the books and prepare for a new school year. But even if you're not busy getting re-acquainted with notebooks and homework this September, there's no better time to get re-acquainted with your keyboard. Why not send yourself back to school this fall, and start learning to really play your Yamaha?

No matter how you want to go about learning, how much experience you have and what exactly you want to learn, Yamaha has a learning tool or system for you. Take a look at the summary of all of our learning options below.

Passport to Music

Passport to Music is a series of lessons available through Internet Direct Connection. For one low fee, you'll get unlimited access to the entire course of lessons, which will take you from the very basics of piano playing - technique, fingering, and notes - through the beginnings of two hand playing. The course features interactive practice songs and on screen feedback. It's great for adults who want a hands on introduction to playing the piano, and will prepare anyone well for for more advanced lessons. For a trial lesson, log in to Internet Direct Connection, choose "Learn Music" and then "Music Lessons".

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Exercise on Demand

Exercise on Demand is Yamaha's newest lesson system, developed for the CLP-300 line of digital pianos. Combining the CLP's play along features with an extensive library of the world's greatest piano methods and exercises, Exercise on Demand offers a new and improved way to practice.

With Exercise on Demand, you start with sheet music for a lesson or song then add a professionally recorded audio guide track, which you can then adjust based on how you want to practice. For example, you can mute right or left hand parts, set the tempo, or repeatedly playback sections of a piece.

Since Exercise on Demand offers practice guides rather than hands on lessons, it is meant for players with some experience and is especially suited for players who are already taking lessons with a piano teacher.

Digital Music Notebook

As we covered a couple weeks back, you can get a variety of interactive keyboard and piano lessons through Digital Music Notebook. All lessons include practice phrases and songs that you can play back and play along with, and you can also print out hard copies of each lesson. For a more in depth guide, check out our post from September 4th, describing our most popular lessons.


In addition to the interactive lessons available on Digital Music Notebook, there are a bunch of lesson series that you can take on your computer. Our most popular computer lesson course on Yamaha MusicSoft is the Beginner's Piano/Keyboard Course from eMusic. The Beginner's Course contains four different sets of lessons, which guide you all the way from "Learning Rhythm & Notes with Songs on Black & White Keys" to "Playing Famous Songs, Scales and Arpeggios". Each set of lessons comes with interactive audio and MIDI playback, as well as feedback features that can give you personalized tips as you play along.


Watching a video can be a great way to learn some new techniques and skills. Some of our most popular DVDs include the "Learn to Play Blues Piano" series (now 25% off!), and volumes one and two of the "Starter Series - Beginning Piano".

Lesson Books

Last but not least, traditional lesson books are also available from Yamaha MusicSoft. Our catalog includes books from Berklee Methods, Play Piano Today and the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, which all come with play along DVDs, CDs or song disks to help you learn the pieces in each book.

- Doug