Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Tyros3 Registrations & New Premium Style Videos

If you feel the urge to expand your Tyros3, don't fight it - James from the Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner site recently posted eight new Tyros3 registrations that you can download for free!

James' registrations all feature choral and vocal sounds layered with other instruments and styles, so you can setup your Tyros3 to get great sounds instantly. If you're looking for some new airy pads or epic choirs for your Tyros3, these registrations will be right up your alley.

All of the registrations use the sounds from the new Choral and Vocal Premium Pack, so you'll need to have the Choral and Vocal pack installed to use the new setups.

Download James' registrations now at the Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner site.

The Tyros3 website has also just released two new Premium Style demonstration videos, for the US Rock and 60s Novelty Pop styles.

Both of these styles are available now on Internet Direct Connection and Yamaha MusicSoft. Be sure to stay tuned - there are many more videos in store for the coming weeks.

- Doug