Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yamaha Keyboards & Pianos On Tour This Summer

Summer is a busy time for touring, and Yamaha keyboard artists are certainly not taking any time off. Check the list below to see how Yamaha artists are using their keyboards and pianos on the road this summer.

John Legend (C6S) - Don't miss John Legend as he coaxes soulful sounds from his Yamaha concert grand piano on the arena filling Evolver tour.

Elton John (CFIIISS) - Elton takes his Yamaha grand to Europe for a two man tour with percussionist Ray Cooper. Cooper and Elton enjoyed success on similar joint tours in the 70's and 90's.

Chick Corea (CFIIIS) - Despite his recently professed love for the AvantGrand N3, Chick Corea takes his concert grand along for a tour of the European jazz festival circuit before returning back to the states in September.

Lyle Lovett (DC7A) - Lovett is completing a tour of the Western US with a full Disklavier grand piano in tow. He's showing off songs from his new record which will be released this fall, though how he's using the Disklavier's player piano capabilities is anybody's guess.

Steely Dan (C2S) - Ever the perfectionists, Steely Dan recognize the importance of a great piano tone. It makes perfect sense that they'll be bringing a Yamaha grand piano on their current tour.

The Fray (CGP1000) - Keyboardist Isaac Slade will make great use of the CGP-1000's versatile piano and organ sounds as the Fray tours behind their self titled hit record, released earlier this year.

- Doug