Monday, August 24, 2009

Tyros3 Premium Voice Pack News: Transfer From USB Drive

It's been a few weeks since the Tyros3 Premium Voices and Packs were unleashed on the world, which means it's time for news and reviews of the new sounds to start coming in.

First off, for those of you grappling with trying to transfer file to your Tyros3 over a USB connection, there's a new way to permanently transfer the Premium Pack and Voice files using a USB thumb drive. Using this new process, you no longer need to connect your Tyros3 to your computer to permanently transfer the files. You can now load them all individually from your USB drive. James of the renowned Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner site has graciously put together a step by step guide to this process.

Learn how to transfer voice pack files permanently from a USB flash drive.

In other news, reviews of the new voice packs are coming - from Dolphin Music:
"Yamaha sampled these models with painstaking care, even down to sampling the individual flute footages, the classic Lowrey Symphonic Strings and the distinctive, smooth rounded tones of the Lowrey bass pedals – and the result is amazing."
We've also seen Tyros3 players already uploading recordings of their performances using the new Premium Voices:

Check back soon for more updates on the Premium Voice front.

- Doug