Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three New PianoSoft Collections: John Williams, Blues, & American Tunes

It's a good week to be a PianoSoft lover, as we're announcing the release of three new downloads today!

The Lyrical John Williams (PianoSoft Solo)

If you've seen a movie in the past 35 years, chances are you're familiar with the music of John Williams. His scores for E.T., Star Wars, Schindler's List, and Jaws have won him Oscars, and with achievements such as the performance of his "Air and Simple Gifts" at the inauguration of President Obama this past January on his resume, he is also undoubtedly one of America's most prominent composers. His frequent collaboration with Steven Spielberg has yielded some of the best marriages of film and music in movie history, and his epidc style has been widely imitated.

For this collection, Bryan Pezzone has created solo piano arrangements of some of Williams' best and most famous movie themes. E.T., Jurassic Park, and Saving Private Ryan are all included, though for reasons that might be obvious, Jaws is not.

This Is My Country - Songs of America (PianoSoft Plus)

With songs ranging from "God Bless America" to "Battle Hymn of the Republic", this is the perfect PianoSoft collection for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. While pianist Joel Plimmer makes sure to offer his rendition some of the most well known American songs, like the two mentioned above, he also includes some that you don't hear quite so often like "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean" and "Anchors Aweigh". These two songs, combined with "Eternal Father Strong To Save [The Navy Hymn]" add a slightly nautical quality to the collection's Patriotic spirit.

Am I Blue - The Plaintive Side of Love (PianoSoft Solo)

In this collection, long time PianoSoft artist Tom Zink explores melancholy and lovelorn ballads such as "Stormy Weather" and "Little Girl Blue", with his characteristic touch. The light, slightly bluesy jazz feel of the "Am I Blue" makes it perfect for setting a quiet, contemplative mood. Zink does a great job of maintaining a slow burn throughout the recording, bringing out the subtle emotion of each song.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

- Doug