Thursday, July 9, 2009

The International Piano-e-Competition Enters Final Stages

Starting tonight, finalists in the 2009 Minnesota Interational Piano-e-Competition will begin their final concerto performances with the Minnesota Orchestra.

What makes the Piano-e-Competition unique is its use of the Yamaha Disklavier. Disklavier pianos are used throughout the competition to record and play back performances, allowing judges to hear and watch performances from contestants all around the world exactly as they were played on an actual acoustic instrument.

To accomplish this, all performances are first recorded on Disklavier pianos in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Paris and Moscow. They are then sent for review to a central location where the judges can experience the performances on another Disklavier, exactly as they were originally performed.

The judges whittle down the contestants to 24 quarter-finalists who come to Minnesota for the final live competitions. This year's six finalists, who represent the USA, Switzerland, France and Italy, have played already quartets with the Rosalyra Quartet, and will be performing again tonight and tomorrow before a winner is crowned.

You can listen now to a stream of the final performances, hear winning performances from previous years' competitions, or learn more about the competition at their official website.

- Doug