Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing the Disklavier E3

Earlier this year, Yamaha announced the arrival of the newest member of the Disklavier family, the E3.

Like previous Disklaviers, the E3 is the perfect instrument for piano players, students and enthusiasts who want a piano with something extra. Seamlessly integrating electronics into Yamaha's grand pianos, the E3 system allows for exceptional digital control of a world class acoustic instrument. This means that the E3 has both the ability to play itself, either through Yamaha's PianoSoft software or Piano Radio, as well as the ability to record, playback and enhance performances.
"Students can see and hear themselves perform, play along with audio or digital accompaniment, or even practice on had while the Disklavier plays the other.

Tempo and transposition controls, and the handy remote unit, make the Disklavier an ideal accompanist... It can provide 'live' accompaniment at any time, in any key or tempo, and repeat specified sections as desired... all at the touch of a button."
Equally important is the fact that the E3 also offers all of this at an intriguingly low cost.
"A host of leading-edge capabilities, coupled with a competitive price point, are sure to make the E3 Series a very popular system in the line," says Jim Levesque, Disklavier marketing manager. "The E3 offers the ideal solution for budget-minded customers seeking the performance quality of the Disklavier."
For more information, check out the E3 website or visit your local Yamaha piano dealer.

- Doug