Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Control Styles On Your Keyboard - Multi-Finger Modes

Yamaha's keyboard styles are amazing tools for controlling full band arrangements on the fly with very little effort. But they aren't magic. Playing with styles, like anything else, takes a little bit of instruction and a lot of practice. Luckily, Yamaha keyboardist extraordinaire Peter Baartmans is here to make the details of style control as clear as possible so you can start mastering styles for your performances.

Last time we saw Peter, he was explaining the Single Finger mode, which allows you to control all of the harmonies of a style with just one finger, playing harmonies for major, minor as well as major and minor 7th chords.

Today, he's back to explain two modes that let you play any type of harmony you want using either three or four fingers. With the Fingered and Multifinger modes, you have more control over the style harmonies, and with Multifinger, you can still control harmonies with single finger chords. I'll let Peter explain the rest. Enjoy!

Once you've mastered these more advanced fingering modes, you might find yourself craving some new styles. Luckily, we've released a bunch of new styles recently at Yamaha MusicSoft. Stop by the site and check them out!

- Doug