Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cinco de Mayo Special

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo and all things Mexican we're proud to offer special discounts today on three of Mexico's most famous songs, and one Mexican accompaniment style.

For today only, get interactive digital sheet music for Richie Valenz's "La Bamba" and Augustin Lara's "Granada" for only 99¢! With Digital Music Notebook, print out the sheet music & play along - or transfer the MIDI versions of the songs to your instrument so you can learn to play along with real time playback! Either way, you can be making music and celebrating Mexico's musical heritage within minutes.

You can also practice Mexico's national dance with a MIDI song file of "Jarabe Tapatio" - otherwise known as the "Mexican Hat Dance". This song and the dance that it accompanies has a long and storied history, which you can read about here, or you can click here to watch a demonstration. Get the song file for your keyboard today for only 99¢.

Finally, you can also add some Mexican flair to your keyboard's style selection with Cumbia rhythms. Normally $6.95, the Cumbia Premium Style is over half off - only $3 - for today only.

Everybody's Mexican today - so fire up your accordion (or keyboard) and dust off your guitarrĂ³n (or guitar) and start playing!

- Doug