Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yamaha @ Musik Messe 2009

This year's Musik Messe conference kicked off yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany, and Yamaha is on the scene, debuting new instruments, software and showcasing Yamaha artists and instruments with a ton of live events and performances.

Some of the most interesting new instruments are in the new Avant Grande series - new slimline digital pianos that raise the bar in terms of the look, feel and sound of real pianos. They're also pretty cool looking. Check them out here:

The Avant Grande N3

The Avant Grande N2

Yamaha Europe has a site running with podcast updates directly from Frankfurt, so you can keep up with all the developments as they happen. The site also features descriptions of all the new products being announced, and event schedules so you can either plan your visit or get jealous of all of the festival goers enjoying daily performances from Peter Baartmans & Michel Voncken.

Click here to check out some footage from last year's Messe (of course, you'll have to excuse the German, but the music translates pretty well).

- Doug

The MM8 Synthesizer and MOTIF Rack Module

The Tenori-On

The S90 Digital Piano and MOTIF Synthesizer