Thursday, April 9, 2009

Starting Out With Styles - The Single Finger Mode

Styles provide one of the most powerful features of a Yamaha keyboard - the possibilities for the full band sounds you can get out of your instrument with styles are almost endless. Of course, this endless possibility can also make styles seem daunting and confusing to use. When you can do so much with styles, where do you know where to start?

In this video, Yamaha keyboard expert Peter Baartmans explains the easiest starting point for beginning styles users - the Single Finger mode. Watch and learn as Peter takes you through the basics of playing harmonies with just one finger in the left hand of the keyboard!

Once you've got the basics of style playback down, don't forget to check out all of the great expansion Premium Styles available on Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection, including the new styles I talked about in yesterday's post.

- Doug