Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add a Twist to Songs With the Easy Song Arranger

Conventional wisdom says that there’s a right way and a wrong way to play a song, but that notion is being questioned more and more every day. Who’d have thought that a jazz version of the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” could sound so good, or that Johnny Cash could so easily turn a piece of grimy industrial music into such an effecting folk tune?

Experimentation like this is not only important to pushing the boundaries of music, it’s also tons of fun! And with the Easy Song Arranger tool on Digital Music Notebook, you can come up with endless musical concoctions of your own.

The Easy Song Arranger tool lets you change the style of any song so you can hear it and play along with it in any genre you want. You can also add intros and endings while muting and adding additional accompaniment parts.

To open the Easy Song Arranger, first open a song from your library and click the arrow at the right hand side of the screen. You’ll see that it has three sections:

  • The Intro and Ending section

    Here you can specify whether or not you want the player to add an introduction and ending to the song during playback. With Intro and Ending set to on, the song will start after an intro and ending will play once the sheet music comes to an end.
  • The Style Selection section

    This is where you can select what type of background accompaniment you want the song to have.

    First, select the general genre you want to use – choose from Ballad, Country, Dance, Latin, Pop, Practice, R&B, Swing & Jazz, Traditional and Waltz.

    Then, choose a particular style to use within the genre you’ve chosen.
  • The Arrangement section

    This section is where you can get really specific about what you want to hear. Each style has 8 different parts which you can turn on or off using the boxes in this section. Customize to your hearts delight.
Once you’ve got the settings the way you want them, click create, and then start the song.

As you can tell, the Easy Song Arranger can be used for serious performance or just for laughs, depending on the mix of song and style that you choose.

Click here to watch what can happen when the Easy Song Arranger is allowed to run wild on some classic songs.

Watch as Yamaha's Digital Music Notebook program turns "House of the Rising Sun" into a dance track.

Watch as Yamaha's Digital Music Notebook program turns "Auld Lang Syne" into a reggae track.

- Doug