Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Instructional DVDs - Unlock Your Keyboard's Secrets

When you're trying to figure out all of the features of a Yamaha keyboard, sometimes a manual just doesn't cut it. Which is why we're so happy to announce that Miditainment Studios have released four new instrument specific videos to help you learn how to use your keyboard.

All of the videos cover everything from basic operation up through more advanced settings and functions. Check below to choose the right DVD for your instrument.

YPG-235, YPG-225, DGX-230, DGX-220, PSR-E413, PSR-E213, YPT-410 & YPT-400

YPT-310, YPT-300, YPT-210, YPT-200, PSR-E313, PSR-E303, PSR-E213 & PSR-E203

YPG-635, YPT-535, DGX-630 & DGX-530

YPG-625, YPT-525, DGX-620 & DGX-520