Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Exercise On Demand

The new "Exercise on Demand" service for the CLP-300 series is the latest piano learning innovation from Yamaha. The service, which launched earlier in the fall, provides instant, online access to practice guides for a wide-range of piano methods suitable not only for beginners but for students of all types, up to advanced level pianists.

So what’s so different about using Exercise on Demand for practice, rather than just practicing? Exercise on Demand uses all the great features of your CLP, along with interactive guides for lessons you’re already working on, to help you effectively practice the piano. With normal practice, you’ll need to first acquaint yourself with the music, then methodically go over the piece until you get it right – trying out different tempos, repeating difficult passages, or practicing left and right hand parts separately.
Exercise on Demand makes all of these aspects of practicing easier and more effective. For each lesson you can listen to professionally played examples, play along while muting the left-hand or right-hand, to focus on individual parts, or raise or lower the tempo to meet your practicing needs. You can also set the playback to repeat a specified section of the piece continuously so you can isolate difficult parts and practice until you’ve got them down.

Free trial practice guides are available, but the premium service, which is available for monthly or annual subscription, adds the “My Exercises” feature to save your playlist of methods you're currently working on and gives you access to over 400 interactive lessons.

For more information, or to sign up for a free Exercise On Demand Trial check out the links below.

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