Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PianoSoft Now Available for Keyboards & Easier to Download

This week we're announcing some big news for Yamaha keyboard, Clavinova and Disklavier owners: as of today, PianoSoft is available for Yamaha keyboards and Clavinovas and easier to download for Disklaviers.

PianoSoft, Yamaha's premier player piano software, is the perfect way to hear your favorite songs and new classics played live by some of today's greatest pianists. Initially designed for use with Disklavier pianos and their moving key and pedal functions, PianoSoft is able to perfectly replicate the smallest nuances of an original performance. And now PianoSoft music sounds just as great on Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos as it always has on Disklaviers.

Two types of PianoSoft are now available for keyboards - PianoSoft Solo, which is solo piano music, and PianoSoft Plus XG, which contains audio accompaniments as well as piano. Both are designed to play back on Yamaha instruments for a unique listening experience.

All Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos with a USB to Device port can now load PianoSoft music for playback and play-along.

But that doesn't mean we've forgotten about Disklaviers - with the new download system we've introduced this week, Mark IV users will no longer need to download PianoSoft to a floppy disk. After purchasing, you can now download files to your hard drive or USB flash drive and load them on your Disklavier however you want. This also means that Mac users can now download PianoSoft as well, as the MusicSoft Downloader program is no longer needed. We're still working on bringing this option to users of other Disklavier models, but we expect to improve the download system for everyone in the coming months.

So log on now and check out the changes, and don't forget to check back next week for more updates!