Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Christmas PianoSoft

It may only be few days before Halloween, but some of us are already starting to think ahead to the holidays. Cathy joins us again today with a behind the scenes look at one of Yamaha's more unexpected Christmas recordings.

A couple of years ago we developed a new PianoSoft collection from an unexpected source. I was working on a very “exciting” project contacting all of the PianoSoft artists regarding a business issue. During the course of the project, we had to contact the representatives for Floyd Cramer.

It turned out that his son-in-law was his representative and we had a very nice chat during which he mentioned that his son, Jason, was also a musician. He said that Jason had recently released a very nice Christmas CD, and brought up the possibility of Yamaha doing a PianoSoft project with his son. He also said that Jason knew a lot about MIDI sequencing, orchestration and so forth.

To be honest, we were very wary of doing a project with Jason because he was very young and frankly speaking, dads always think their kids play really well. But to make a long story short, Jason’s dad did send us his CD and we were knocked out. Jason is a great player and arranger and really knows his way around a studio. We loved hearing Jason talk about his ‘granddaddy’ and we could really see Floyd Cramer’s influence in Jason’s music.

Click here ot learn more about Jason at his official site.

Or click here to check out his PianoSoft disk.